VigiServe Foundation is a Non-Profit with a mission of Empowering Public Health by ensuring safe medicines and promoting culture for reporting Adverse Drug Experiences and Side Effects. 

Did you know?

Adverse Drug Reactions are responsible for more than 650,000 Deaths Every Year!

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What is VigiServe Initiative?

VigiServe Foundation is the first of its kind, not-for-profit initiative (e-NGO) for providing one-stop access to Pharmacovigilance resources. VigiServe is one of the largest platforms for connecting Pharmacovigilance professionals from various countries, globally. VigiServe's ultimate objective is the protection of Public Health, by empowering Pharmacovigilance Professionals!

The VigiLearn initiative (expected to go-live in 2021), aims at creating Certified Pharmacovigilance Professionals, by offering free courses. These courses shall be created by experts in the field of Pharmacovigilance. 

The INOPP initiative aims at a Global Network of Pharmacovigilance Professionals, with an objective of bringing a revolution in Patient Safety.

Where can VigiServe Support?

Free CMEs in Pharmacovigilance

Free Training in Pharmacovigilance

Free Guidance in Setting up Pharmacovigilance Unit

Free Pharmacovigilance Resource Materials

Free Guidance in Pharmacovigilance Operations

Resources available on VigiServe website 

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The Unmet Need...

There is a Multi-fold increase in Pharmacovigilance Awareness?

Patients are empowered 

to report Adverse Drug Reactions?

All Pharma companies in developing countries receive support in setting up a Pharmacovigilance unit?

All Doctors and Healthcare 

Professionals started reporting Adverse Drug Reactions?

What if?

There is a free Platform for Pharmacovigilance Education and Certification?

There is a global network of Pharmacovigilance Professionals

There was harmonization

of Pharmacovigilance requirements?

There is a single website for accessing Global Pharmacovigilance Requirements?

Be a Volunteer for Safe Medicines...

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"Great Knowledge sharing platform and skill development in pharmacovigilance. Excellent videos with detailed explanation for all pharmacovigilance professionals"


"With the way the world has changed, pharmacovigilance needs a transparent public domain organisation. There is a need to provide a bridge between regulatory authorities and industry to serve the public. VigiServe Foundation, as a 'not for profit' organisation, has a great potential especially in India with Manoj at the helm. He is an astute pharmacovigilance professional with Public Health background. His initiative is an example of the belief that sharing knowledge empowers for better service to public."

- Dr.Darshan Bhatt

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"It is my honour to write a testimonial for this superb initiative.  The not-for-profit aspect gives it an educational tinge too.The concept is very new and so far the website has shaped up well with lots of material to read through. I would recommend that you create a Google Play and iOS app of it as well so that users can access it through mobile phones as well. 


Very soon it shall be a one stop reference portal for anything and everything in pharmacovigilance. 


I wish you all the very best in your endeavour"

- Dr.Avinash R. Kakade 

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"I enjoyed your blog post and video about remote PV audits."

- Steve Jolley

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